24MX Race Easy-Up Race Tent


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With or without 3 walls

24MX Race Easy-Up Race Tent 3x3m With Walls
€139.99 €229.99
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24MX Race Easy-Up Race Tent 3x3m Without Walls
€99.99 €169.99
Delivery time 3-7 working days
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The race is on!

This is probably the most popular race tent in the world! Now on sale until it's sold out!

An Easy-Up tent is a must-have during track days so that you won't be restricted by weather - you can instead tinker with your motorbike before the race starts. It has never been more easy to protect your motorbike: just unfold the tent in a few seconds by pulling the four tent legs in each direction and the frame will lock into its position. After that you can adjust the height of the roof as you wish.

- Tent legs and beams made of durable steel.
- Canvas is made of weatherproof PU-coated polyester.
- Convenient carrying bag included.
- Dimensions when unfolded: 30x35x165 cm
- Dimensions when set: 3x3 m wide, up to 3,2 m (height)
- Adjustable height; max height on the inside of the tent is 212 cm and the max height of the total tent is 320 cm
- Weighs 25 kg.
- The canvas has a tensile strength of 30 kg/5 cm
- The canvas has a waterproofness of 2000 Pa which means that an enormous pressure is required for water to penetrate through the material.

Note: The tent is not made to be used as a permanent structure and we recommend that you do not use it during extreme weather conditions.

Our regular routines regarding returns do not apply to 24mx Race tents. Upon return we charge a return shipping of 30 GBP. Please follow our instructions regarding returns carefully. We are not responsible for returns that do not comply with our terms.

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