Athena Big Bore 2-Stroke Piston Kit



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Give your engine some TLC!

Athena stands for quality and performance. These pistons are forged with the same technical competence as those manufactured for F1 and MotoGP.

Athena offers you a wide range of pistons that are suited to Big Bore cylinders. The piston's Squish area is ergonomically designed to minimise friction. Its treated surface optimises flow, which not only increases performance, but also prolongs cylinder service life.

B pistons are recommended for all cylinders.

A pistons are recommended for new or newly Nikasil-coated cylinders.

A B piston is marginally larger than an A piston, which compensates for wear. C pistons are larger than B pistons, and so on.

About the brand

Athena is an Italian brand who is well known for their manufacturing of engine parts for many different motorsports including Motorcycles, motocross and also for snowmobiles. Athena cooperates with a number of major brands in the motoworld today I.e. KTM, Kawasaki, Gas Gas and Honda. .

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